Great Big Story

Great Big Story

We all get bored sometimes. Even homeschoolers with all the advantages of doing school at your own pace, with your own hand-picked curriculum, get bored. That’s when I like to bring in other resources that are fun and different, be it a game, a book, a magazine or an app. Just something to break up the monotony. That’s where Great Big Story falls for us in our educational adventure.

Great Big Story first caught my eye as a YouTube channel because of this video about the fastest mochi maker in Japan. The video was fun, interesting, well shot and most of all, it was about something that I had never seen before. I couldn’t wait to show Peanut this video and once I did, she told me what she knew about mochi (a Japanese food) and that spun off some great conversation that we never would have had without seeing this video first.

Great Big Story features videos from a variety of topics including Planet Earth, Pioneers, Flavors and the Human Condition. Not every video is necessarily useful or even appropriate to use in every homeschool but there are certainly great videos for just about anyone to enjoy.

In addition to the YouTube channel and the website, they have apps for both iOS and Android to allow for mobile viewing of their great videos. So, if you are itching for a short video to shake things up while still being educational about this great world we live in, check out Great Big Story.

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