More Than Honey – Boy Wonder’s Review

More Than Honey – Boy Wonder’s Review

As part of Boy Wonder’s school the other day, he watched More Than Honey on Netflix, a documentary about bees. The description  reads “Beekeepers, scientists and others discuss the world’s declining bee population and what it may mean for modern society.”

I asked him a series of questions to get his thoughts. Keep in mind, he is nine years old.

Mythical Dad: What did you think about the documentary, was it interesting or meh.

Boy Wonder: Interesting, I learned more about bees than I knew before.

MD: Tell me an interesting fact that you learned?

BW: There is an insect that kills bees in their hive. They sometimes do a dance to communicate.

MD: What was your favorite.thing about it?.

BW:  They shot the bees super close up so you could see them really good.

MD: What or who was it about?

BW: Bees and how they are harvested, farmed.

MD: Was it too long or just right?

BW: A little too long

MD: Did you make it all the way through?

BW: No, about halfway and finished it later.

MD: Any final thoughts?

BW: Bees are awesome.

SO, there you have it, the first of what may be an ongoing series of Netflix reviews by the kids, from their perspective.

Below is the trailer for the documentary.

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