Fear Has Fur (Poem by Peanut)

Fear Has Fur (Poem by Peanut)

I asked our Peanut (12) to write a poem the other day after we read Hope is a Thing With Feathers by Emily Dickinson. Her assignment was to write a poem in a similar style and this is what she created. In asking what inspired the poem, she said that she was picturing a hunting lion. I love so many things about this but mostly I love that it came from within her.

Fear Has Fur  

Fear is a thing with fur
That lays in the Soul
It growls the words
And it never stops.

It always environs
Even in the storm
The lion never leaves
It keeps many in fright

I’ve heard it in the calmest land
And in the loudest sea
Yet it never
Lightens its bite.

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