Around the Nut House & Beyond – Issue 3

Around the Nut House & Beyond – Issue 3

As usual, a lot of odd and funny things from around our nut house, plus some interesting things that I spotted around the Internet.



Turns out, about a hundred years ago, there was a serious effort to bring the hippopotamus to the bayous of Florida to help with providing more meat to the growing population. Plus, there were spies involved. Check out this crazy story from the Atavist on the American Hippopotamus. If you want to listen about the story, I actually came across the story first on this episode of the This American Life podcast.



When we are driving home from church, we always ask the kids what they talked about in Bible class. Today, Lil Bit spun us quite a tale. She says “Jesus took some mud and put it on the eyes of a man, a blind man. Then, he washed it off with water from the special river and then he could see! Then, the boy opened the door and told the dad and then the ice cream truck came. Then, there was this girl and she was eating cupcakes in the road.”

We asked G Man what they talked about and he said that “We read a verse from John and Olippians 4:32.” That’s pretty close to Philippians so I’m going to give him that one.



We love Lucille Ball around here and having the former first lady, Barbara Bush in a video recreating the most iconic scene from the I Love Lucy show is just too good to pass up. This video also features Brad Meltzer, a well known writer of books, comics and children’s books, including the one that Mrs. Bush is reading from.

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