Plato and Reluctant Readers

Plato and Reluctant Readers

[su_quote]   Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. – Plato[/su_quote]

I found this quote and it struck a cord with me. My 6 year old has a bad case of “I can’t read-itus.” He struggles with reading big time. I often wonder if it is me that isn’t teaching him right. I get very frustrated when he guesses, blurts out words that aren’t even close to what is written or just flat out gives up. I know that he is a very smart boy. I know that it just may not be his thing. I have heard all of this and have gone through it with my older son. Each child is very much their own person and I know I shouldn’t compare them to their older sister, but she was so easy. So I found this and I was reminded that I should not be so quick to be discouraged and I should be more encouraging towards him. He can read! No if’s, and’s or but’s, my kid can read. I will accept that he can read not by my standards but by his and his age. He loves to listen to stories and that I can work with!

So cheers to Plato for putting this momma back into her place and being okay with a 6 year old reader.

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