Around the Nut House & Beyond – Issue 4

Around the Nut House & Beyond – Issue 4

These “Around the Nut House & Beyond” posts contain a collection of tidbit-sized things from around our Nut House and elsewhere that catch our attention. These might be funny things that the kids say, a quote that we like, a video that strikes our fancy or even articles and sites that are worthwhile. These things are not necessarily suited to a full-length post but are still worth a mention. Plus as an added bonus, it will help us remember some of these things that might otherwise disappear into the past.



So many funny things that our kids say and I try and write them down in my notebook that I carry with me just to share here.

Willow (3 years old) – She says “hand cups” instead of handcuffs and when she gets frustrated, you may hear her say “Oh my mackerel!” or “Oh my griefs!”

The other day while out for a walk, we saw an airplane with a contrail way up in the blue sky and she exclaims “It’s a shooting star, make a wish!”

Boy Wonder (9) – While eating hard-boiled eggs, he has always called the center the “oak.” We don’t correct him because it is awesome.

A few weeks back, I was working at a conference doing all of their audio recordings and I was wearing one of the shirts from the conference which was  a black polo shirt with a logo on the front. He asked if I was going to “computer con?” Yeah, dad really must be a nerd.



Such a cute baby sloth, seriously. Plus, this YouTube channel is one of Boy Wonder’s favorite.

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