Trampoline Parks = Super Bouncy Death Places

Trampoline Parks = Super Bouncy Death Places

Generally, I believe we are pretty loose and free with our kids. We want them to experience life in all of its varied and sometimes, not entirely safe ways. Things like climbing trees, swimming in rivers and even getting up on the roof to hang Christmas lights (eek!) are all things we are cool with. I know! We let them live on the edge I tell you!

However, we’ve begun drawing the line at trampoline parks. You know, those places where the entirety of a massive warehouse type building is covered in trampoline surfaces of all types. The places where all the “cool” kids have birthday parties and invite your kids to come die, er, I mean, jump and have fun, eat cake and jump some more.

Initially, we were fine with the concept. I mean, what could go wrong? Kids jump on these things all the time and they seem to be having fun, right? Then, we dropped our 6-year old son off at a birthday party. We barely got home before we got a frantic phone call that he had hurt himself on his very first bounce on his very first trampoline. Yep, you heard me. The very first bounce. Another kid “double-bounced” him and he hurt his foot. So we rush up there to get him and he is legitimately injured. Mom takes him to the emergency room, since our kids never, ever get injured when any normal medical place is open, and get him checked out. Turns out, he broke his foot and was fitted with a boot.

A few days later, we hear about a friend’s daughter, who is an exceptional athlete, tearing up her ankle and costing her at least 6 months of sports at the same place. The doctor at the ER even informed us that they are seeing tons of kids in since the death palace, I mean, trampoline park opened. What? Why isn’t this on the news? Why isn’t this being investigated by those programs with the super dramatic music? Well, never again I tell you.

Now, we see those super fun commercials for these places and we just look at each other and say, “nope, not our kids.” That’s a line we just won’t cross again.

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