Inspiring TED Talks About Books

Inspiring TED Talks About Books

TED Talks are nothing new to me. I’ve watched dozens (hundreds?) and dozens and I take at least something away from each one of value to me. However, wading through the huge catalog of TED Talks to find something interesting is cumbersome. I would like to share these three talks about books and reading because, well, I love books and reading and also am striving to pass that on to my children.

The first one is by Linda Sue Park, the author of A Long Walk to Water, and this talk is about that book and how it has impacted the world.

The second TED Talk that I’d like to share is by author Grace Lin and her talk is entitled “The Mirrors and Windows of Your Child’s Bookshelf.” In a few words, it is about ensuring that your child reads books about people that are different than themselves, but also books about people that are similar.

Finally, there is this one by Rebecca Bellingham about the value and magic of reading aloud to children. This is a good one and hits so many of my sweet spots.

Anyone have any TED Talk recommendations because I’m always looking for something new?

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