Ungeniused Makes Me Slightly More Geniused

Ungeniused Makes Me Slightly More Geniused

In my ongoing series of articles about great podcasts, I’d like to take a moment and write about Ungeniused. This twice-monthly podcast is pretty short in length, about 12-15 minutes per episode and is all about the weirdest articles found on Wikipedia.  It is hosted by Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley, the co-founders of Relay FM, which is one of my favorite podcast networks with numerous great shows.

Ungeniused is a great show for those that like odd and strange bits of information and the hosts work wonderfully together. They are clearly good friends off-air and this shows through in their easy banter. Each episode focuses on one article that they choose beforehand and then they simply talk about the things that they find interesting about it. It is very easy to listen to, is quite family friendly in my experience and I think kids 10 and up would find it quite engaging. It would be a great fit for driving in the car or even to break up a homeschooling day with the kids.

One of my favorite episodes that they’ve done is Episode #30 Bat-Bombs, Pigeon-Guided Missiles & More. This episode was about various military projects during World War 2 and how they turned out. It was quite interesting but also very strange that these projects almost took flight (pun intended). I heartily recommend the show and feel it would add something new and delightful to your day.

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