Back At It

Back At It

We started back to school last week, wanting to get everyone back in a rhythm before going all-in this week. It is tough on all four kids but it is also a bit tough on mom and dad too. We have to find our groove too and just like for the kids, it isn’t super fun getting into that groove. We have to reform our habits and our days are more defined and less free. For folks like us, that’s the biggest challenge. The actual teaching and instruction is not too bad, it is the fullness of the days that grates on our spirits. And so we adjust, just as they will.

We don’t do this because it’s easy. We do it because we believe in it. We do it for the dinner conversations about continental drift and Pangaea, about how they are learning to borrow when doing subtraction and about the great books they got to read. It is fun, it is hard. It can be both and we love it.

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