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We are Aaron and Andi and we, among other things, homeschool our mythical kids. They are our daughter, Peanut (12), Boy Wonder (9), G Man (6) and Lil Bit (3).  We’ve been homeschooling for over seven years now, and we want to share ideas, processes and experiences so that others may learn something that may help them as they do this homeschooling thing with their kids.
Why is “mythical” in the name of this blog? The kids and dad love to watch a YouTube channel called “Good Mythical Morning” as part of our daily school routine.  It serves as a good daily bonding time and also inspires some ideas for school. We have even named our school the “School of Mythicality.”
On this blog, you will find posts about how we school and ideas for how to improve ourselves as teachers of our kids. We will also post about thoughts on technology, podcasts, reading and audio books and how they help with this homeschooling journey. In general, this is our place to chronicle this life we are living. Hope you enjoy.

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